Solmate Socks - Mismatched Knee High Socks, USA Made with Recycled Cotton Yarns made in New England

Made in South Strafford

Solmate Socks

Life's too short for matching socks.

The perfect component to any cold weather ensemble, our knee socks are filled with just enough punch and pizzazz to ensure you make the ultimate fashion statement. No need to hide these lively socks, as they'll do all the talking for you! Made right here in the USA, Solmate Socks'; unique styles and patterns are the perfect way to bring some cheer into your life.

Comfort and fun, at the tips of your toes!

Our wildly popular ankle socks have so much zest and flare - they're the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe. Wearing these is sure to put an extra smile in your day and a little pep in your step!

Saving the planet, one sock at a time.

Committed to protecting the environment, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly company. Each product is knit with 100% recycled cotton yarn so you know you're purchasing socks from a company who cares about the environment.

If your feet are happy, you are happy.

We pride ourselves on creating quality, wearable art to inspire happiness all year round. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a special someone, or even yourself, buy a pair of our unique, mismatched socks and you won't be disappointed!

Here are a few things our customers say about our socks:

"fun and funky."

"lovely and whimsical."

"an extremely creative and clever design."

"the colors are so vibrant, and the pattern is so pretty."

No family member left behind.

Solmate Socks creates fun and beautiful socks for Adults, Children and Babies, so no one gets left out! Ankle, Crew, and Knee Socks...there's a sock style for everyone. And the fun doesn't have to stop there - outfit your crew with hats, gloves and scarves to match.


Vermont Village Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Shot - Turmeric & Honey (Pack of 12) made in New England

Made in East Barre

Vermont Village

We jumped on the turmeric train and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Turmeric is a root that is kin to ginger. It has gained notorietydue to its anti-inflammatory properties(1), so we used it in these Vinegar Shots to create a bold flavor. It’s healthy, tasty, and a great alternative to lemon juice in your Hot Toddy recipe.

Are you familiar with organic & raw apple cider vinegar? People have been drinking it forever as a traditional remedy. Vinegar can be very strong, which is why we created Sipping Vinegars and Vinegar Shots. A blend of our organic & raw apple cider vinegar, honey and a fruit or root, these products make taking your daily shot of apple cider vinegar enjoyable. There are no processed sugars or additives. They can be enjoyed as is, in still or sparkling water, cocktails, smoothies, on salads… The list of uses is limited only by your imagination. What is really cool now is that modern research gives scientific evidence for some of these health claims. It can help balance blood sugar for those who struggle with hyperglycemia (2), and it can even help lower bad cholesterol (3). It’s a great addition to your pantry for cooking, but also an affordable way to helpmaintain your healthy lifestyle.

Looking for a bottle for the pantry? Try our Sipping Vinegars! They are the same blend as our Vinegar Shots, packaged in recyclable 8 oz bottles. Stock up!

(1) Bagad, Ashish Subhash et al., Advances in Pharmacological Science 2013:805756 (2013): 1-7

(2) Johnston, Carol S., Diabetes Care 27.1(2004): 281-282.

(3) Budak, Nilgun, et al., Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 59.12 (2011): 6638-6644.

J.K. Adams Champlain Round Driftwood & Galvanized Lazy Susan, 18", Gray made in New England

Made in Dorset

J.K. Adams