Model M-7 High Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate 31" Wide, 15" Tall. made in New England
Our patented vertical grates solve smoke problems and dramatically increase heat output in troublesome wood burning fireplaces. These high efficiency grates allow a magnificent wall of warmth producing fireplace embers to develop at the base of the grate, while firewood burns slow and controlled above. The vertical design initiates a self-feeding fire which promotes a much hotter and cleaner burn. Located at the extreme rear of the fireplace, our grates force smoke to hug the rear wall of the fire box, eliminating smoke from spilling into the home.

Grate Wall of Fire manufactures many sizes of these vertical grates to fit just about any fireplace out there.

M-7 fireplace grate dimensions:
31" wide, 14" deep, 15" tall. Constructed of 3/4" solid steel bar.

Fireplace size requirements for the M-7 grate:
The rear wall of the fireplace must be a minimum of 31" wide, the fireplace floor must be a minimum of 16" deep, and the height of the fireplace front opening should be a minimum of 25" to allow adequate clearance to easily load firewood onto the grate.

Fireplace construction requirements for the M-7 grate:
It is important to understand that the Wall of Fire grate is a one sided unit. This means that the burning firewood is positioned between the grate and the rear wall of the fireplace. Having the firewood in direct contact with the back wall of the fireplace will significantly increase the temperature of the firebrick and may cause brick and mortar fatigue over time. Because of this we highly recommend you also purchase our model RF-7 reflective fireback (sold separately by Grate Wall of Fire on Amazon) to shield the back wall of the fireplace from excessive heat. If you are planning to use a Wall of Fire grate in any type of factory built fireplace such as a pre-fab, zero clearance, or metal fireplace, the addition of a reflective fireback is absolutely mandatory.
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