LesserEvil Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn, Himalayan Pink, 5.0 Ounce (Pack of 12) made in New England

Made in Danbury

The best tasting, most nourishing popcorn on this planet. Our popcorn comes from organic farms right here in Nebraska and Indiana. Our popcorn is super fresh and we take so much care in the actual popping of the popcorn. We want it to pop with the most surface area and make sure its super light and delicate so it practically melts in your mouth. Oh, and it probably tastes a little better knowing that it is grown without many of the pesticides, herbicides and other fumigants that the conventional popcorn guys use. The oils we use are all nutrient dense, cold pressed and super tasty. Don't think cold pressed avocado oil would taste good on popcorn... think again! Then bam we dust it with Himalayan salt. We are super proud of the end result; A product that tastes and amazing and something you can feel good about eating. http://www.foodandwine.com/syndication/dietitian-snacks

For many Americans, popcorn ranks high on the list of snack favorites and has unquestionably become a movie theater staple. Unfortunately, due to the soaring use of pesticide seed coatings, butter might not be the only thing coating many popcorns. The extensive use of pesticide seed coatings on popcorn is particularly alarming because of their documented harm to pollinator species, like bees, that are vital to our food supply, agricultural economy, and environment. Want to join us in standing up for bees? Use your purchasing power to support popcorn companies that are doing the right thing for bees and the environment. Our Guide to Bee-Friendly Popcorn can help you get started! http://pollinatorsandyourplate.org/guide-to-better-popcorn/

We don't know of another snack manufacturer who cares as much about the ingredients, handling of them and manufacturing of these fine food products as we do. We make all our own organic popcorn at our own manufacturing facility; it is modern, meticulously clean, and SQF Level 2, Organic and Kosher certified. If you were to drop by, you would feel good about the amount of care we put into our products. Please feel free to ask about our extensive recycle and reuse programs. We are a touchy feely brand and we love our customers.

Over the last ten years people's diets and lifestyles have changed as we have become much more educated about what is healthy. LesserEvil is embracing and hopefully helping fuel that change. Our customers now want to be more MINDFUL about food, they want to taste real goodness. Fat and calories are okay if they come the right ingredients. The right ingredients are always organic, they are always not genetically modified and they should nourish hopefully both body and soul. Here is our value proposition to you as a customer: to manufacturer the best tasting products, with the highest quality ingredients (organic and non-gmo verified) and make them in a clean, environmentally responsible way. We do all this and sell to you at prices that non-organic manufactures do. Just give us a chance to earn your business!

Don't forget to try our other Buddha Bowl, Organic/Non-GMO popcorn flavors like Avocado-Licious (with Avocado Oil), Classic Cheddah (with real organic cheese), Oh My Ghee (Grass-fed organic ghee), Himalayan Gold (Butter flavored organic coconut oil), and Himalayan Sweetness (Himalayan Pink Salt with a touch of sweetness).
B THE BITES COMPANY Biscotti Bite Size Cookies – Premium, All Natural, Kosher, Peanut and Preservative Free – 4.5 Oz. bag Cocoa Flavor (Pack of 3) made in New England
Treat yourself to an Italian delight! - People have been enjoying biscotti for centuries, and their popularity only continues to grow. You can find these classic Italian baked goods in a variety of styles and flavors all around the world. But at The Bites Company we always felt there was something missing, so we took matters into our own hands. Today, we craft our biscotti with all natural, kosher certified ingredients to give you the best biscotti you’ll ever bite. Everything you want, nothing you don’t! - For months we tasted and tweaked, making sure that we created a treat you’d feel proud to serve. And finally, after months of tinkering, we discovered the perfect recipe for these delectable treats! - The secret to making our cookies burst with flavor: using nothing but high quality ingredients. With a short list of all natural ingredients, including rich brown butter, unbleached flower, whole eggs, and pure cane sugar, our recipe makes the ingredients the stars. In addition, our biscotti are completely free of harmful additives like preservatives, trans fats, oils, added salt, and high fructose corn syrup. Plus, our factory is peanut-free, so all of our biscotti are safe for those with peanut allergies!. A delicious gift! - Baked and packaged with care, The Bites Company biscotti make the perfect small gifts to always keep on hand. Give a bag to the coffee lover in your life, or send one over to your neighbors! After all, who doesn’t love a good Italian cookie? Our family promise - We’ve been making and enjoying scrumptious desserts and snacks for as long as we can remember, and we want nothing more than for you to share in our enjoyment! That’s why all of our biscotti come with our “love it or leave it” money back guarantee. If you don’t love our Italian biscotti, we’ll replace your order or issue you a full refund. Elevate your snacking and add a bag to your cart TODAY!